InVivo Analytics aims to improve and accelerate preclinical imaging studies by providing automated imaging data analysis solutions. Our technology reduces data variability and human error, eliminates operator bias and manual data processing, and increases data throughput and reproducibility, while saving costs and human resources.


Founded by Alexander Klose and Neal Paragas in 2012, InVivo Analytics, is a preclinical imaging innovation company with an exclusive patented software (InVivoAX) and hardware suite (InVivoGRID, InVivoPLOT and InVivoPET).  It transforms small animal optical and nuclear imaging systems into data platforms that can automatically process all imaging data and generates a comprehensive study report. InVivo Analytics offers custom data analysis services and consulting for all small animal imaging projects.




Scientific advisor

In 2010 Neal earned his PhD in Biology with a focus modeling human disease in small animals using bioluminescence, animal genetics, and surgical methods. He went onto faculty positions at Columbia University and University of Washington where he continues to solve human diseases using molecular imaging technologies and directs the Small Animal Imaging Core. At InVivo Analytics, he advises the business development and hardware design team.




Chief technology officer

Alexander earned a PhD in Physics in 2001, with his main interests in particle and radiation transport, inverse scattering problems, and computational modeling. He has been solving medical imaging problems for the past 20 years, with an emphasis on preclinical molecular imaging. His efforts at InVivo Analytics focus on the development of novel image reconstruction algorithms, automated data analysis, and cloud computing.


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Director of Mechanical Engineering

Since earning his BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 1978, Ken has spent his career in product development in a broad range of industries, in both established companies and startups. That breadth has enriched his exposure to many technologies and experience with a plethora of methods for manufacturing and producing all matter of products. Ken has been involved in development of small animal imaging products, as well as medical devices, and analytical and scientific instruments.

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Business advisor

Steve brings InVivo Analytics an experienced entrepreneur with a career of building successful companies by combining technology, innovation, and operational excellence to create value. As CEO of Comark, Steve grew the company by providing automation solutions for mission critical life safety, vision, medical and military applications. Prior to Comark, as part of the startup team at Avidyne, Steve led the pioneering development of an certified affordable glass cockpit and synthetic vision. Steve has held senior positions at Cognex (CGNX), and Bytex (BYTX) from early stage through IPO and sale. Steve holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell.

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Technology Advisor

Kevin is a Fellow at PerkinElmer’s Innovation Group with a role as a “thought-leader” responsible for helping to direct the company’s current and next generation imaging technology to market. Kevin also splits his time as a Visiting Professor at UCLA and Texas A&M. Kevin is responsible for identifying beta testing sites for new equipment and set-up collaborative long-term R&D projects with key customers. He has been involved with the IVIS optical system development and biological applications since 1999 when he joined Xenogen. Kevin brings decades of experience in the optical imaging equipment market with a broad knowledge base of both the applications side and a unique understanding of the preclinical imaging market.