Integrated cloud-based software for automated image analysis and data management.



The Body Conforming Animal Mold (BCAM) holds the small animal in an immobilized and geometrically defined position while providing a consistent spatial framework across different animals and time points.  It enables the automatic registration of optical, PET, and CT images to a digital mouse atlas and facilitates region-of-interests (ROI) selection across entire cohorts and time points.



The Organ Probability Map (OPM) is a digital mouse atlas which provides an anatomical reference that takes the biological variability across different animals into account. The OPM can be thought of as "organ clouds" that replace the need for individual organ segmentation across all animals and study time points. The OPM permits automatic organ ROI selection without operator bias.

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InVivoAX is a cloud-based image analysis and viewing software. Projects containing multi-modalities can be combined and analyzed side-by-side. Its image analysis algorithms are powered by artificial intelligence. This operator independent system yields quantitative and reproducible data for preclinical research and drug discovery.

Key Features:

  • Browser-based cloud software is accessible from any internet-enabled computer

  • Easy upload and annotation of optical, PET, and CT data sets

  • Cloud-based data management and long-term storage

  • Data sharing can be enabled

  • Automated study report generation (Word and PowerPoint documents)

  • Submillimeter longitudinal tracking of targets with the BCAMs 100K+ annotated voxels