High-throughput automated planar image analysis tool for bioluminescent imaging.



InVivoGRID is the first to provide a reproducible geometric framework for small animal imaging experiments. Exclusive geometrically defined animal bed, BCAM, provides consistent results in a single animal longitudinally and across different animals. Ultimately lowers variability while providing co-localization and quantification of data.




Digitally embedded in the BCAM is our novel digital mouse atlas, OPM, which permits automated anatomical co-registration with with optical images and permits computer driven data analysis. BCAMs consistent geometry allows high throughput image analysis, large-scale data clustering and other biostatistical analysis previously not feasible to optical imaging.

Analysis OPM


InVivoGRID is permits near instantaneous analysis of a study with unlimited data points at a press of a button. Computer driven data analysis allows for unbiased results and backwards and forwards data compatibility. This reduces costs by normalizing image data allowing it to be directly compared with future work.