Multi-view imaging gantry for quantitative 3D bioluminescent image reconstruction.

Mirror gantry and BCAM


InVivoPLOT™ is a plugin unit for 3D tomographic imaging of bioluminescent reporters. It consists of a mirror-unit and a light-transport reconstruction algorithm. Tomographic data sets are available in less than a few minutes processing time, powered by cloud computing technology and the most advanced reconstruction algorithms. InVivoPLOT enables the automated bioluminescent probe quantification and its co-registration to the animal’s anatomy via a statistical mouse atlas. It is compatible with existing optical imaging platforms (i.e. IVIS® Spectrum).

2016-08-28 InVivoPlot 04.JPG


InVivoPLOT™ rapidly performs automated image reconstruction and quantification using our integrated Body Conforming Animal Mold (BCAM), an Organ Probability Map (OPM), and cloud-based automated analysis, visualization and data management software, InVivoAX.



  • Automatic 3D tomographic image reconstruction using InVivoAX

  • Quantitative analysis of optical reporter expression levels

  • in vivo tumor volume calculation

  • 3D data visualization

  • Anatomical co-registration and image fusion of 3D data with novel Organ Probability Map (OPM)


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