Data analysis tool for automated analysis in small animal nuclear medicine.

G8 Adaptor


InVivoPET is a cloud-based data analysis tool for positron emission tomography (PET) and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), of small animals. It will facilitate therapy development, while eliminating operator bias, increasing data throughput, and enhancing study reproducibility. 

Alignment of PET/CT with BCAM


  • PET/SPECT adaptors hold the BCAM in a reproducible position.
  • Available for the Sophie G8 and Siemens Inveon systems
  • Custom adaptors made on request
  • OPM permits automated image segmentation without the need for contrast or manual segmentation


InVivoPET will enable automatic extraction of the standardized uptake value (SUV) followed by an instantaneous biodistribution analysis of radiotracers for pharmacokinetic (PK) studies and for dosimetry of molecularly targeted radiation therapy (TRT). Cloud-based approach is unbiased and reproducible.